Robert Oliver, photographer
Photographer / Educator


Aloe Brevifolia

Aloe Brevifolia


Aloe Brevifolia - 2006 
This photo was a self challenge. I have long been afflicted by the self diagnosed problem of having to travel in order to find photographs. I “couldn’t” seem to find any images when I was at home. So on a cloudy day I grabbed my 4x5 camera and a 120mm Rodenstock macro lens I borrowed from Tom Pappas and I set off to try and find cool photos in my backyard and around my home town (at the time) in Oceanside, CA. 

Aloe Brevifolia was captured in 2006 on a 4x5 camera using B&W film and is printed in a traditional darkroom on Fiber Based Silver Gelatin paper processed using time-tested archival methods. Prints are available in sizes from 8x10 to 20x24.

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