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Oceano Dunes

Oceano Dunes


Oceano Dunes - Oceano Dunes Nature Preserve. 2006

One of my all-time favorite landscape images that I’ve taken. I created this image just when I was starting to get serious about large format photography. I had just stepped down from my Senior Photographer position at a sports magazine and was just starting college to earn my teaching credential. 
When I was young, I spent a lot of time in this exact section of dunes riding horses and playing in the sand, so these sand hills hold a special place in my heart. 
I hiked out into the dunes about an hour before sunrise using a headlamp. I remember setting up “the sunrise” shot before the sun came up, but as soon as the sun appeared above the horizon I realized that the light was wrong. I shouldered my tripod mounted camera and continued searching somewhat hastily. I had hiked around this big dune and hurriedly set up my 4x5 camera just after sunrise. I had my dog Zoey with me and just as I was getting ready to take my first picture Zoey ran into the scene wanting to play, destroying the perfect wind sculpted sand ripples. I quickly moved my camera to a clean foreground and rapidly recomposed for this image. (I later learned that dogs were not allowed in this area) 

This image is available in sizes from 8x10 to 20x24 as a fiber based print created in a traditional B&W darkroom using archival methods. Item is printed on Ilford MG VC Fiber Based paper and selenium toned for permanence.

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